Student Creates Wedding Dress Out of Divorce Papers

Courtesy Lingfield Notre Dame School

Here comes the bride all dressed in … divorce papers?

That was the ironic idea of Demi Barnes, 15, of West Sussex, England, who constructed a gown from more than 1,500 sheets of divorce papers for her school art project.

"I wanted to create a wedding dress with meaning," Barnes wrote to in an email. "For me, the dress represents that too many people rush into marriage and end up getting divorced. I love the irony of the idea."

The dress took Barnes two school days to create during her 10-hour-long exam at Lingfield Notre Dame School in Lingfield, Surrey.

"It was mainly trial and error being a very challenging piece," Barnes said. "I constructed the bodice with wire and then folded the papers (this was the most time consuming part) and stapled them on."

After Barnes posted pictures of her final product to her Facebook page to show her cousin in Italy, the images went incredibly viral with more than 47,000 likes and nearly 1,500 shares. The aspiring artist has even been approached by brides-to-be to design their wedding dresses, as well as major designers reaching out to inquire about her work.

"Demi's wedding dress is the talk of the school," said Barnes' headmaster, Richard Bool. "I am extremely proud of the work Demi and the entire art department have achieved this academic year. It is also a pleasure to see the power of social media working for a student in a positive and responsible way."

Barnes' head of art, Claire Davis, added, "Demi became charged, like electricity, when she had the idea for the dress. This was an incredibly ambitious piece and it took courage, patience and tenacity to see this through from concept to final piece."

The dress is currently on display at the school for safekeeping, but when asked what Barnes plans to do with the dress in the future, she joked, "My mum would like it at home but it's not an easy thing to move around, and we'd probably need to remove the front door!"

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