VIDEO FLASHBACK: Justin Timberlake, Will Your Solo Career Succeed?

VIDEO: Funny Justin Timberlake Flashback: Will His Solo Career Succeed?!

With four multiplatinum solo albums and sold-out concerts across the globe behind him, it's hard to believe Justin Timberlake's solo success was ever in doubt. But in 2002, when ABC News' Barbara Walters sat down with him, his uncertainty was clear.

So, perhaps, were his confidence and poise.

'N Sync, which had sold 50 million albums over the previous six years, had just gone on hiatus, and Timberlake's first solo album, "Justified," was about to drop.

"This is a big risk, this album," Walters asked.

"Is it?" Timberlake answered.

"If it succeeds, what does it say?"

"If it succeeds, then that's great."

"If it doesn't?"

"If it doesn't, well then it just doesn't."

Watch the full flashback interview - in which JT talks about being compared to Michael Jackson, a new 'N Sync album, and his taste in women - on "Rock 'n' Royalty: Billboard's All-Stars," a special "20/20? SATURDAY MAY 18 at 9 ET.

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