911 Call: Photographer Describes Alleged Assault by Bieber's Bodyguard

VIDEO: Photographer says one of the pop stars bodyguards choked him.

Audio of a 911 call made by a photographer who is suing Justin Bieber and one of Bieber's bodyguards has been released, and in it the photographer tells police that he was just assaulted by Bieber's bodyguards.

"I just had some guys harass me. They just assaulted me," Jeffrey Binion says in the call to police on June 5.

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The 911 operator asks Binion if he needs rescue, and he says he doesn't but he remains on the line, telling the operator "It's some security guys for Justin Bieber. They just assaulted me. Took my camera, were going to smash it. They took the memory card out of the camera. "

He added that the alleged assailant "was choking me to take my stuff. … They first took the camera. They made me delete the pictures. I deleted them. Then they took the memory card out of my camera, which is like a hundred-dollar card."

Binion, 56, claims Bieber directed bodyguard Hugo Hesny to attack him outside the Hit Factory, the famed recording studio in Miami.

In a lawsuit filed Sunday in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, Binion claims that Bieber ordered Hesny to "forcibly" take his memory card after he snapped a picture of Bieber outside the recording studio.

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Binion claims Hesny "threw [him] against a wall, began choking him and threatened [him] with a gun," while three other bodyguards removed the memory card from his camera.

Russell Adler, Binion's attorney, said Bieber needs to "grow up and realize he can't do these things … even if he's a superstar."

Bieber's alleged bad boy behavior has been the subject of multiple headlines this year.

Last month, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson confronted Bieber after the pop star allegedly sped his white Ferrari through their exclusive Calabasas neighborhood while children played nearby.

In March, Bieber was caught on tape lunging at London paparazzi. His own bodyguards restrained him them.

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Howard Bragman, a longtime publicist and ABC News consultant, had strong words about the recent headlines involving the star: "Justin Bieber thinks he has his own private army and the world runs by his rules.

"When you're not talking about your music … this is how careers get ruined," Bragman said.

ABC News contacted Bieber's rep, who had no comment.

Roberto Serra/Redferns/Getty Images

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