Rachel Zoe's Long-Haired Son Sparks Debate

VIDEO: Celebrity stylists decision to allow her sons hair to grow out draws attention from parents.

ABC News' Juju Chang reports:

Men with long, luscious locks tend to be rock stars, hippies or glam models. But the long-haired trend is now growing on little boys, including Ashlee Simpson's son, Kourtney Kardashian's little boy and 2-year-old Skyler, son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.

When Zoe recently posted a photo of Skyler on her Instagram account with the caption, "Talk about bed head!" many of her followers instantly branded her a bad mom.

"Stop making your boy look like a girl," one Instagram user said.

"You're a terrible mom," another added.

But it's not just celebrities feeling the heat. Paul and Denise Cavrell of Long Island, N. Y., regularly get flack about their 5-year-old son, Griffin.

"Most people come to us and say, 'When are you going to get that hair cut?'" Paul Cavrell told ABC News.

"So far he [Griffin] says, 'I like it. It's cool, it's different, it's me,'" Denise Cavrell said.

ABC News went to Kidville, which offers classes and birthday parties for children in New York City, to get some other parental opinions on what choices moms have when it comes to boys' haircuts.

"People choose different styles for their kids," parent Ellen Zarchin said. "Hair is just another way to make a statement."

But why the fuss about what is essentially a style choice? Is it healthy to let them experiment?

"It's absolutely appropriate for kids to experiment with hair, with fashion, anyway they can express," Toronto parenting expert Karyn Gordon said.

And the Cavrells' son, Griffin, seems pretty happy with his choice.

"I don't want to cut my hair short," the 5-year-old boy. "I want to leave it long and leave it like it is because I like it. It's very cool."

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