Dick Van Dyke 'Fine' After Car Explodes

VIDEO: 87-year-old actor was not treated and is doing fine after car caught fire on Los Angeles freeway.

Dick Van Dyke is "fine" after his car began to smoke and then exploded on the highway, his rep said.

Van Dyke, 87, was driving his Jaguar to the dentist on a Los Angeles highway, just before the accident occurred.

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"He was leaning over to get something out of the glove compartment when the car started smoking," the rep said.

There happened to be a firetruck and ambulance were in the vicinity and the personnel in those vehicles helped him out of the car, the actor's rep said.

"The car exploded after," his rep said.

Van Dyke's wife Arlene tweeted a video of the wreck afterward and wrote, "Van Dyke's melted car… He's fine thank God!!"

"He had a long day and is resting," his rep added.

With reporting by Katie Conway.

(Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Getty Images)

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