Exerciser a Dancing Fool on the Elliptical

VIDEO: Man on Treadmill a Dancing Fool

Double the dance party, double the caloric burn?

That seems to be the approach of one gym-goer in the Boston area who was captured on camera putting some extra dancing "oomph" into his elliptical workout.

The exerciser, who has not been identified, was videotaped by Jeff, a 23-year-old Boston resident who works out at the same Boston Sports Club.

"I noticed him doing this a few times, usually on a weekly basis I see him doing this and I usually don't videotape but I just thought it was interesting and funny and wanted to share it with my friends," Jeff, who asked that his last name not be used, told ABCNews.com.

The 20-second video shows the man, dressed in all black, doing dips and arm movements worthy of Madonna's "Vogue," all while keeping his legs moving on the track. He momentarily puts both hands back on the machine only to be swept up in the music again, prompting another passionate arm move.

"When I go at night he's on the elliptical and I've never seen him on another machine," Jeff said. "I think people have gotten used to it."

The man does not appear to be wearing headphones, meaning he was so moved by the gym's sound machine and choice of music, or the music in his head perhaps.

Jeff says he frequently sees the man lip-synching along with his dance moves.

"I guess it's just his own personal routine," he said.

Jeff said he has never seen any gym employees asking the man to tone it down and says he too "has not built up the nerve yet" to ask the man himself exactly what in the world he is doing.

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