Actor's Movie-Trailer Voice Gives Hilarious Spin to Everyday Life

VIDEO: Movie Trailer Voice

Jon Bailey has no problem barging into your business as you're walking down the sidewalk.

But once you get past the deeply voiced man turning up the volume right behind you, and actually pay attention to what he's saying, it suddenly goes from creepy to hysterical.

Bailey, a voiceover actor for Honest Trailers, a company that dubs satirical spoofs of real movie trailers by replacing the actual narration with a much more "honest" version, recently made viral video gold with a prank he pulled on unsuspecting passersby on the street.

"Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba are out for a night on the town," Bailey joked in his booming movie-trailer voice while walking behind two oblivious young women. "Buying things for themselves that they really don't need, and now they're trying to run away from the guy in the suit."

The prank video has more than 860,000 views since it was originally posted Tuesday.

But the fun didn't stop there. Bailey brought his talents to 'GMA LIVE!' where co-host Josh Elliott suggested he put his satirical voice to use while his other co-host, Lara Spencer, ate a pizza burger.

"In a world where the news never sleeps, two heroes will rise way too early to bring you a story about a pizza burger, while people behind them stand with no chairs," Bailey narrated without missing a beat. "Starring Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, now get ready, whether the people on the West Coast are awake or not. 'Good Morning America,' the movie, on ABC."

"That is awesome," Elliott said, quite pleased with the funny outcome.

"We'll definitely have to do more of these," Honest Trailers' creator, Andy Signore, added.

Tune in for more hilarious viral moments every weekday on 'GMA LIVE!' at 9 a.m. ET

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