'Diana' Movie Poster Removed From Paris Crash Site

A Billboard advertising the 'Diana' film, Sept. 28, 2013 at the road tunnel, Pont de l'Alma, Paris where she died in 1997. David Fisher/Rex

A Paris poster for the motion picture "Diana" has been removed following criticism for its close proximity to the site of her fatal crash.

The 4-foot by 6-foot ad was place near the Pont de l'Alma tunnel and just feet away from the the Flame of Liberty, a gold colored sculpture that has become an unofficial memorial for the Princess of Wales.

Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver were killed in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in 1997.

"As soon as the distributor asked us to remove this specific poster, we decided to take it down," a spokesman for outdoor advertising company JCDecaux told ABC News in an email. The distributing group, Le Pacte, was not available for comment.

Diana Through the Years

The biopic starring Naomi Watts focuses on the last years of Diana's life and many feel the poster's location was a deliberate marketing ploy before the film's release across France on Wednesday.

The JCDecaus spokesman would not be drawn into assigning blame for the choice of the poster's location. "The poster close to the tunnel belongs to an entire network of 730 panels in Paris. The campaign is ending tomorow."

Despite the controversy surrounding the film, "Diana" has struggled to make an impression at the box office. After being widely panned by critics, the film has only limped into the top five. The film will reach theaters in the U.S. on Nov. 1.

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