Lamar Odom Reveals Why He Skipped Kim Kardashian's Proposal

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Lamar Odom's paparazzi confessions continue. TMZ caught up with the former NBA player in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Tuesday night and Odom fielded questions including why he didn't attend Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian.

"Because I had something to do," he explained. "Maybe I had something personal to do."

Odom, who is reportedly struggling with drug addiction, also dismissed claims that he had not been invited to the family affair.

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"You see my wedding ring on?" he added. "Of course, I was invited."

When confronted with questions about his alleged marital troubles with "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Khloe Kardashian-Odom, the 33-year-old athlete grew visibly frustrated, breaking into an impromptu dance routine when asked if the couple were talking.

"Yes we talk like a normal family," he sang.

As the conversation shifted to whether he would rejoin the NBA, Odom said, "I can play a basketball game and probably play really well right now."

Odom even offered to prove he was in prime physical shape.

"You want to see me with my shirt off or my pants down?" he joked. "Yes, I'm healthy."

Still, as the chance meeting played out, Odom's frustration seem to mount. At one point, the former Laker offered the photographer a hug after calling him "a dick" and later turned his own camera on the paparazzo.

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Odom concluded the interview with a lesson in conversation etiquette straight from Grandma Odom, suggesting that photographer take on a different approach if he wanted a "good interview."

"I'm a gentleman," he insisted. "I was raised very sophisticated. I can probably get along with anyone and I can have a conversation with anyone."

Finally, the men introduced themselves over a firm handshake before saying their goodbyes.

This is the latest candid conversation with paparazzi for the athlete. During a similar encounter with a paparazzo on Oct 21, Odom shared his thoughts on his health, career and marriage.

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