'The Turkey Song' Wants You to Get Your Strut On This Thanksgiving

VIDEO: Dickie Stickheads viral hit, "The Turkey Song," is a new Thanksgiving classic.

We've had "Jingle Bells" for Christmas, "Monster Mash" for Halloween and even "Friday," devoted solely to everyone's favorite day of the week. But why no love for Thanksgiving?

Barry Ratcliffe, of Kennett Square, Pa., decided to change that with his new holiday hit, appropriately titled "The Turkey Song," which gives the bird some much-deserved love, too.

"Gobble, gobble, strut, strut. Shake your feathers, shake your butt," the song begins, mesmerizingly getting stuck in your head, whether you're pleased about it or not.

"Turkey time is here today, so celebrate in every way," the catchy lyrics continue.

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The undeniably infectious (or irritating) tune, Ratcliffe says, is "just me being goofy, which I love to do."

Not to mention, the man loves Thanksgiving.

"We get the entire family together, and the comedy just does not stop," Ratcliffe, who goes by the stage name Dickie Stickhead, said of his enormous Southern family in Franklin County, Va.

The youngest of seven, with 28 nieces and nephews, Ratcliffe wants everyone else's family to enjoy its Thanksgiving as much as his rambunctious brood does, and believes his ridiculous turkey tune is just the trick to loosen people up after they've gobbled their dinner down.

"I want them to be happy and have fun and dance and celebrate family. I think that is so important," the 51-year-old one-hit wonder said. "I believe Thanksgiving is the one holiday where family comes together. For Christmas, everyone gets pulled into their married families and in-laws."

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He does have one holiday secret, however.

"I don't eat turkey. I eat prime rib or steak," Ratcliffe said, joking that his eating habits are the reason he doesn't have time to write another song, even if he wanted to. "This is it for me. If I keep eating steak and prime rib, I'm done for."

The entire crazy chorus wasn't even dreamed up in the daylight hours, but rather, while Ratcliffe was sleeping, literally dreaming of turkeys.

"I was driving down the road in North Carolina and ran off the road dodging a wild turkey," he said. "And that night, I literally had a dream about the first two choruses. I dreamed 'The Turkey Song,' wrote it down in a notebook and kept it for seven years."

On Thanksgiving, Ratcliffe wants nothing more than for you to enjoy your family, enjoy his song and "simply have fun and smile."

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