Pink Wants to Expand her Family

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Pink's daughter Willow is two and a half now, and the singer says she can't wait to expand her family - either by adoption, or by having more children, or both.

Speaking to Billboard for their Women of the Year issue, the singer said that her brother is "everything" to her, and she wants her daughter to have the same experience.

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"I want [Willow] to have family beyond her Papa and me," she said. "I mostly want another one for her to have a lifelong friend."

She explained that she has a stepbrother and stepsister, but they're much older than her, and her husband Carey was an only child for 12 years until his brother came along, but sadly, he died a few years ago.

"Family is the most important thing… I love it," she said. "It's like, holidays, the chaos, the… fighting, the mom always having a kid around. For sure. I want to adopt, I want to have more. Just, yes!"

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Sound like a new Pink? It is. The singer said that, motherhood has "changed everything" about life.

"I didn't used to think about ever stopping. And now I'm like, 'I can't wait to find her school! What's she going to be like when she's 8? How many Xanax am I going to be on?' I hope I'm making that wine by then so it's free," she said, laughing. "But she's wonderful. It's really awesome."

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