Taylor Armstrong Explains 'Couples Therapy' Only Months After Engagement

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Taylor Armstrong's fiance John Bluher said he would "wake up in the morning and Taylor will be completely in a horrible state of anxiety."

Bluher wondered if he was the problem.

So, even though the two only got engaged last August, they decided treatment on the show "Couples Therapy" was right for them.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 42, and Bluher spoke on Tuesday's episode of "Bethenny," explaining how therapy worked for them.

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"There were a whole bunch of things that were residual from her prior relationship that were really affecting us every single day," Bluher said of Armstrong's past marriage to Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide in 2011.

Armstrong spoke about past physical and mental abuse from her husband, something she now speaks on publicly to help others. Clips from "Couples Therapy" showed Armstrong talking about being called a "wh*re" and being made fun of on a constant basis, until she just "stopped talking."

"I [want] women and men who have been in an abusive relation to see there is light at the end of the tunnel and life after," she said.

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Bluher explained how the therapy worked and let him know the problems Armstrong was and is dealing with are not his fault. Armstrong also explained her behavior after Russell Armstrong's suicide.

"When I was on "[Real Housewives of] Beverly Hills," especially after the suicide, I really found myself drinking to cope," she said. "I was stuck at home and I was like, 'Well one glass of wine makes me feel better, two makes me feel a lot better.'"

She continued, "I was angry about a lot of things and I have a tendency to hold everything inside, which is something that we worked on."

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