Tim Tebow Training to Return to NFL: 'I'm the Best I've Ever Been'

VIDEO: The NFL star talks about his new book, his foundation and working at ESPN.

Tim Tebow may not currently be playing in the NFL, but he's still on top of his game.

"Right now, I'm the best I've ever been," the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner told Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" today.

Tebow has been working hard in Los Angeles for a potential comeback to the professional turf, "going back to the mechanics" of football, training every single day, doing thousands and thousands of reps until he felt great about his progress.

"We went back to the beginning. We worked on the basics," he said. "I'm looking forward to an opportunity to share that."

Not only is Tebow working hard physically, but also professionally. He recently signed on as a college football analyst on ESPN's new SEC Channel, making his big debut during the biggest college football game of the year, the BCS Championship game on Jan. 6.

"It's going to be an honor working with SEC nation," he explained. "It was awesome for me for four years being part of the University of Florida, being part of the SEC, and now being able to be a part of games and being able to give fans an in-depth look at what it's like to play in the SEC will be fun for me."

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But Tebow has also made time in his busy schedule to let his hair down a bit.

Starring in a new T-Mobile ad for the Super Bowl, Tebow makes light of the fact he doesn't have a current NFL contract, showing off all the wild things he's been able to do with all his newfound free time.

"Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I've done so much this year," he says in the ad while doing bicep curls looking intently into the camera.

"Without a contract," he continues in the commercial, "I've worked on the unknown," doing everything from delivering babies, trying his hand at standup comedy, rodeo bull riding and even hanging out with Bigfoot.

But more than anything in his life, even with the uncertainty of his football future, Tebow says his faith has helped him along the way.

"It helps in every aspect of your life," he explained. "It gives you the hope that it gives you, the drive that it gives you, the purpose that it gives you, every single day.

"And in a situation like this," Tebow continued, "you don't know what the future holds because you know who holds your future. And that gives you hope and peace every day, no matter what happens."

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