High School Boy Cleverly Asks Gracie Gold to Prom

VIDEO: High School Boy Asks Gracie Gold to Prom

For high school senior Dyer Pettijohn, all he needs to make his year complete is Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold on his arm at prom.

"I'm an avid fan of the Olympics, and of course she's gorgeous and she seems like such a nice person," Pettijohn, 17, of Malibu, Calif., told GoodMorningAmerica.com of his schoolboy crush. "When I heard she was 18 and is from Laguna Beach, I thought this is a long shot but if I can pull this off, that'd be awesome."

Well, Pettijohn's dreams may soon be answered.

"This melted my heart," Gold tweeted today along with a link to Pettijohn's clever video he created formally asking Sochi's sweetheart to prom.

Gold, a figure skater, finished fourth and came home without a medal. But she impressed Pettijohn.

"SHE TWEETED ME BACK," he wrote to "GMA" in all caps after seeing her acknowledgment of his efforts.

"This is my third year for prom, so I've got it pretty mapped out," the seasoned professional dance-attendee explained of the red carpet treatment he'd provide for his date. "Obviously I would love to pick her up and take her home of course, and I'd get her a corsage."

In the video that has already amassed nearly 2,000 views since being posted Sunday, the blonde-haired, bathing-suit wearing boy lists his reasons why Gold would be the perfect date for him.

"You're gorgeous, and my mom thinks I'm pretty," he begins.

"You're an Olympic athlete, I made varsity," he says while wearing his track uniform casually running down the street.

"I live at the beach, you live at the beach," he adds, clearly on the beach.

"We're both blonde, 5-foot-something and graceful on the ice," he says during his wobbly attempt in the rink.

"This would be the perfect end to my high school career, and make my living dreams come true."

He concludes with an ultra-smooth line sure to make his buddies proud, "The Olympic judges got it wrong. You're the only Gold I see."

The actual dance doesn't occur until May 16, so Gold has some time to make her decision. But Pettijohn is hoping to hear from her sooner than spring time.

"It's really a win-win," he said. "I'm getting to go with a beautiful Olympic figure skater to prom, and she gets that quintessential high school experience. She's worked so hard on skating and her sport, and maybe she could just get to be a kid again."

Only time will tell if Gold agrees to Pettijohn's rather adorable plea, but it's safe to say he's sure to make for an interesting evening on the dance floor.

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