'Breaking Bad' Actor Bryan Cranston's Co-Star Asks: 'Is It Weird Being So Attractive?'

VIDEO: Aaron Pauls Hilarious Question for Bryan Cranston: Is It Hard Being So Attractive?

The hit show "Breaking Bad" ended a few months ago, but that doesn't mean its two lead actors - Bryan Cranston, 58, and Aaron Paul, 34 - are done supporting each other. Cranston appeared on "Good Morning America" today to promote his new Broadway play, "All The Way," and field some questions from fans, including a few from his former co-star.

Cranston sat down in the "GMA" social square all set to answer a few fan questions, but he received a surprise from Paul instead. The two actors were in 62 episodes of the cult TV show together, yet they still don't know everything about one another. Paul took his chance to ask a couple of questions he's been dying to know.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

"Is it weird being so attractive?" Paul asks Cranston. "Also, is it hard being so attractive?"

Cranston is seen laughing while Paul asks the questions so seriously. The Broadway star decides to give a nice response and a deeper glimpse into his life of being "so attractive."

"Surprisingly, it's not that difficult," said Cranston. "I got acquainted to it rather quickly, I thought."

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