Zac Efron Reveals He Would '100 Percent' Do 'High School Musical' Reunion

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"High School Musical 3? was released back in 2008, but Zac Efron, now 26, isn't totally ready to get rid of his Troy Bolton alter-ego just yet.

Efron has been in a number of films since the Disney musical premiered in theaters but, in a new interview with an E! News reporter at this year's SXSW event, he says he would "100 percent" do a reunion "High School Musical" movie.

"We're all thinking about it," Efron spills to the reporter.

He continued: "I continue to see all the guys from "High School." Every time we do, there's just this look between us. It's so cool because we never forget a single moment of that experience. It brings you right back to those days."

The actor is at SXSW in Austin, Texas, promoting "Neighbors," his new movie with Seth Rogen, 31. Rogen was with Efron during the E! News interview and even stepped in to suggest making a "really dirty, R-rated 'High School Musical' movie."

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There are no reports of a reunion movie being in the works at the moment, but Efron's "Neighbors" is set to enter theaters May 9 and there is already a lot of buzz surrounding it.

The R-rated comedy follows the story of two competing households, neighbors, of course. One holds Rogen, his wife (played by Rose Byrne, 34) and their baby. The other houses a large fraternity with a bunch of partiers, including Efron and Dave Franco, 28. The neighbors go back-and-forth with their antics trying to out-prank the other with hilarious outcomes for both parties.

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