Jessie J Moves On, Says She's Looking for a Husband

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Singer Jessie J called the time she dated girls "a phase" - and now says she's ready to find a husband.

The 26-year-old British pop star went on a lengthy Twitter rant today in which she clarified her sexuality and blasted haters.

"I never lied about my sexuality, I never labelled myself, the media and some of the public did," Jessie wrote. "I said almost 5 years ago now. I have dated girls and boys. Quote me! Which I had! Am I denying that…?No! I was young and I experimented! Who hasn't? Not with just this topic, but anything! It's part of life!"

The British beauty, whose real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, went on to say that, as she was becoming famous, she "fell for a person who happened to be a girl."

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"I was honest and then BAM it took over, the word bisexual before my name on almost every article I read?" she wrote.

The "Domino" singer said she's setting the record straight now because false reports continue to surface about her dating "my female friends."

Jessie wrote, "I was getting increasingly frustrated with still feeling like sexuality was defining me as an artist. Behind close doors I am evolving into the woman I want to be forever, wanting a husband and kids one day and dreaming up my future just like everyone else."

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"The Voice UK" coach was quick to add her support for fans of every sexual orientation.

"I did and still do stand for love who you love, whichever gender that is," she wrote. "And I will continue to stand for it and just not act on it because I don't want to. It isn't who I am. I see my fans becoming who they are and it's amazing! Whatever sexuality they chose, or have chosen, love is love. Everyone has their own journey and story, and mine can't go how you would rather it go. I have to live for me."

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