Violinist With Lady Gaga Mash-Up Surprised on 'GMA'

VIDEO: Yuki Beppu stops by "GMA" to talk about her impromptu concert of Lady Gagas hit songs during lunch.

The Massachusetts teenager who went viral after surprising her classmates with a musical mash-up of classical violin and Lady's Gaga's "Applause" says she did it so her friends would, "have more classical music in their iPods."

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"I know that Lady Gaga is so powerful and popular and she has a classical music background," 17-year-old Yuki Beppu said today on " Good Morning America." "I believe she studied at Julliard School of Music so I thought if I could collaborate with her in some way I could get my friends to open up to classical music."

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Yuki's creative approach - she walked into the cafeteria at her high school, Lexington High School in Lexington, Mass., and began to play - went viral after a video produced by the non-profit arts organization "From the Top" was posted on YouTube last month.

Though Yuki, who studies violin at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, has appeared with famed violinist Yo-Yo Ma and performed for President Obama at a campaign rally, the reaction she got from her fellow classmates stood out.

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"The energy and the enthusiasm was overwhelming," she said. "I think they were more surprised when I started playing the Lady Gaga music, I mean they only know me as a classical musician so I think that was really surprising."

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"I think if I had played classical music in the same situation, I probably wouldn't have received the same reaction," she said.

After performing a live rendition of her Lady Gaga mash-up on "GMA," Yuki got a surprise herself.

The teenager received four tickets to Lady Gaga's concert next month in Boston.

"Thank you so much," said a clearly shocked and overjoyed Yuki.

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