The 'Facts of Life' Cast Reunite in Hallmark Movie, Receive Special Message

VIDEO: The Facts of Life Cast Reunites in Hallmark Movie

They grew up before our eyes in the iconic 1980s show, "The Facts of Life," about four boarding school friends navigating their way through adolescence.

Lisa Whelchel played the popular Blair Warner and Kim Fields was the spunky Tootie Ramsey.

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Now the two are reuniting for Hallmark Channel's new romantic comedy, "For Better or For Worse," about giving love a second chance and the actresses couldn't be more thrilled about the opportunity to work together again.

"It was very much like riding a bike," Kim Fields, 45, explained on "Good Morning America" today. "You know, Lisa's just a wonderfully talented woman, plain and simple. And so to be able to work with her again, and we're grown now so it's not like there was a whole like of sameness from working together when you're younger, but [it was]certainly very comfortable."

And Whelchel agrees, saying that when she found out Fields was being cast to play her friend, she jokingly replied, 'Ok, I'll do that for free.'"

"I was sent the script and I've been sent a lot of scripts to do some family-friendly shows or faith-based and they're sometimes so cheesy," said Whelchel, 51. "But this one was actually really cute and I thought, 'Yeah, I'd like to be part of this,' and not hit you over the head with some crazy moral, it's just great entertainment, fun, romantic comedy."

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The ladies were even surprised with a message from beloved former cast member, Charlotte Rae, who played the infamous Mrs. Garrett in "Facts of Life."

"Lisa, Kimmie, it's Charlotte," Rae said with a huge smile in the recorded video. "I'm looking forward to you both being on this Hallmark movie this weekend. I'm all a quiver with anticipation. I know you'll be brilliant and I love you."

"What a sweet, special surprise," Whelchel replied.

"For Better or For Worse" premieres on July 19 on the Hallmark Channel.

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