Pianist for fun. Band Shares His Musical Gift With Dogs

VIDEO: Composer Andrew Dosts New Audience is Wagging Their Tails With Delight

Dost composes and performs music for DOGTV, a station that keeps home-alone dogs company.

According to researchers, 12 million dogs in the US have been clinically diagnosed with separation anxiety.

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DOGTV researched and produced guidelines on what dogs enjoy in a tune - keep it to below middle C; play the piano, harp or vibraphone; and nothing too piercing.

Animals and music are a nascent field. Researchers found that cows produced more milk when listening to country music. And monkeys liked music that sounded like their screeching.

So does it work?

Andrew Dost, the quiet pianist in the Grammy-winning band fun., has a fascinating new side gig.

ABC News

"I can't tell if they're going to be touched or emotionally moved by it," Dost said, as he sampled some of his music recently at the South Pasadena Music Conservatory. "All I can hope is for that they don't get up and run away."

Dost, who loves dogs, donates his fee to charity.

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