80 Things We LOVE About the ’80s! (Part 3)

We’re counting down to our big series kicking off Monday — GMA’s Totally Awesome 80's Week! With a little help from our GMA producers and our Facebook and Twitter followers, here’s eight more things we LOVE about the ’80s!

17) Suzanne M. Mullany The Bangles- Eternal Flame. I actually heard it when I was dating my husband.

18) GMA staffer @shakerpearl loves Ms. Pac-Man then and now. She snapped the above shot of the old-school arcade game Ms. Pac-Man. You remember her. She debuted in 1981, chased by killer ghosts, and gobbling up dots in an electronic maze.

19) #flashbacktrack Friday: “Escapade” by Janet Jackson because it’s the perfect dance jam to kick off the weekend. #Ilovethe80s

20) Shannon Kickbush Keller JAKE RYAN! Hottie McScottie from the movie Sixteen Candles. I’d have given anything to be Molly Ringwald on that table smooching him. )

21) Judy King The Breakfast Club, high school, Luke loved Laura and MTV played music videos!!

22) Sheila J. Stewart I loved buying blank cassette tapes so I could sit by the radio and record my favorite songs, stopping and starting for commercials!

23) Avlisa Casals Her Madgesty, her style defined the ’80s!

24) GMA Producer @MaryElizPflum: –friendship bracelets (remember those things that pre-dated the jelly bracelets – made out of string and sometimes ribbon?)

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