Baby Animals Charm Dan Harris on ‘GMA Weekend’

Jungle Jack Hanna was back this morning on “GMA” with baby animals from around the world. As Dan Harris asked when the segment kicked off, “What is cuter than a clouded leopard?”

(Credit: ABC News / Ida Astute)

His answer? “A baby clouded leopard.” The species spends 90 percent of its life up in the trees. When it jumps, you can’t hear a thing. Jack Hanna points out, “It’s a cat that hunts in silence.” So basically Dan’s next guest, the palm civet, would never hear the clouded leopard coming.

(Credit: ABC News / Ida Astute)

Dan’s take on this furry visitor: “I had no idea what a civet was. He was cute, too — although he left a lasting impression.” We’ll be taking Dan’s suit to the dry cleaners.

It was the clouded leopard cub that Dan was “especially psyched” to spend time with off camera.  He’s “been planning a trip to Thailand to cover the animal. Amazing and obscure.”

Check out the entire segment that aired on “GMA” here.


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