Oct. 7: 10 Years of War; First Look at Dark Side of Moon; Calif. Elects the ‘Governator’

VIDEO: JFK and Nixon Debate

1959 First Images From Dark Side of Moon

The USSR’s Luna 3 space probe was the first to take pictures of the far side of the moon.  The probe was not close enough to the Earth to transmit the images back until Oct. 18, 1959.  The Soviets lost contact with Luna 3 Oct. 22, 1959, and it is assumed that the probe broke up in the atmosphere.

1960 John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon Debate


Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon met for their second presidential debate.

1970 President Nixon’s Vietnam Peace Proposal

President Nixon outlined a strategy for a ceasefire in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  The plan included U.S. troop withdrawal, release of prisoners of war and proposals for a stable political future in Vietnam.

1982 “Cats” Premieres on Broadway

London’s successful “Cats” play opened at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City.  The long-running show closed in 2000, after 18 years of performances.  “Cats” is the second longest-running Broadway show, with “Phantom of the Opera” holding first place.

1998 Matthew Shepard Found Beaten


The beating of a gay college student raised questions about hate-crime legislation. Matthew Shepard was found Oct. 7, 1998, beaten and tied to a fence in Laramie, Wyo.  He died Oct. 12, 1998.

2001 President Bush Orders Military Action in Afghanistan


In 2001, President Bush ordered air strikes against al Qaeda and the Taliban.  Oct. 7, 2011, marks 10 years since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, making this America’s longest war.

2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger Becomes California Governor


After a recall in California’s election, Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor-elect.


Famous Birthdays

1931 Desmond Tutu

1943 Oliver North

1951 John Mellencamp

1955 Yo-Yo Ma

1959 Simon Cowell

1964 Dan Savage

1968 Thom Yorke

1976 Taylor Hicks


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