Oct. 16: Marie Antoinette Beheaded; Desmond Tutu Wins Nobel Peace Prize; Million Man March

VIDEO: Pope John Paul II Selected

1793 Marie Antoinette Executed

Marie Antoinette is beheaded during the French Revolution for treason. Her husband Louis XVI was executed on Jan. 21, 1793.


1964 China Tests Nuclear Weapon

China successfully tested their first atomic bomb.


1973 Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho Win Nobel Peace Prize

National Security Adviser, and later Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and Vietnamese politician Le Duc Tho are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on the Paris Peace Accords.  Le Duc Tho declined the award because peace in Vietnam had not yet been achieved.


1978: Pope John Paul II Selected

Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland is the first non-Italian pope elected in 455 years.


1984 Desmond Tutu Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The Archbishop of Cape Town in South Africa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his anti-apartheid stance.


1987 “Baby Jessica” Rescued From Well

In Texas, 18-month-old Jessica was trapped in a well for 58 hours before finally being rescued.  Jessica McClure fell into the abandoned well while playing outside of her day camp.  Jessica was pulled to safety by a rescue worker Oct. 16, 1987.  She spent several weeks in the hospital afterwards and had one toe removed due to gangrene.


1995: Million Man March

Thousands of blacks rally in D.C. to endorse unity and responsibility.


Famous Birthdays

1854 Oscar Wilde

1888 Eugene O’Neill

1925 Angela Lansbury

1946 Suzanne Somers

1958 Tim Robbins

1962 Flea

1977 John Mayer

1981 Anthony Reyes


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