Josh Gets a (Bitter)Sweet Surprise From Emeril

VIDEO: "GMA" anchor falls for the chefs trick during a live cooking segment.

When Emeril Lagasse stops by ‘GMA,’ it’s always a good — and tasty — time. Today, however, Josh got a little bit more than he bargained for when he fell for a classic chef trick. Watch what happened and get Josh’s take on the incident below.

Josh, in retrospect, admits he should have seen it coming:

“In that fateful final moment…when I knew I was done for…it occurred to me: banana-cream pie is NOT, in fact, known for its aroma.

So, I look on the bright side of it all. At least it was Emeril Legasse, doing the pie-ing. And at least it was pillowy-soft whipped cream, as opposed to some abrasive pecans. And at least it was at show’s end, with time to kill.

So…no, banana-cream pie has no real aroma.

But it’s great for the sinuses.”


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