Cameron Mathison Gets Ready to Meet Mary Poppins!

Why exactly is “GMA” special contributor Cameron Mathison hovering in mid air? And what exactly is he wearing?

Perfectly good questions. And questions we bet Cameron was asking himself when he spent a few hours in the New York City’s New Amsterdam Theater with the amazing crew of the Broadway hit “Mary Poppins.”

In celebration of its five years on Broadway, the show offered “Good Morning America” a rare opportunity, to have Cameron be part of the production for one day. So in preparation for Cameron’s “jolly holiday” with Mary next week, we paid a visit to the theater, got the lay of the land and tried on Cameron’s costumes.

During the show, Cameron will have a cameo appearance as a chimney sweep, but on this afternoon — for just a few minutes — he got the chance to step into the shoes of Bert.  In the number “Step in Time,”  Bert, the ultimate chimney sweep, takes a gravity defying walk up the stage proscenium as he dances.  The effect is spectacular, but if you’re wondering how it’s done — well, that’s a Disney secret.

The staff at the New Amsterdam gave Cameron a little taste of what it’s like to hover above a Broadway stage. He took to the acrobatics immediately, pulling off a mid-air somersault within minutes. Cameron did so well in fact, the staff promised to teach him more when he rehearses next week — a promise that will potentially lead him 25 feet off the ground and allow him to walk upside down if he can do it.

Will Cameron be able to defy gravity?

Will he learn his choreography in just a few hours?

More good questions.

You can see the answers on Monday, Nov. 7 on “GMA” when we show Cameron’s Broadway musical debut!


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