Oct. 28: International Animation Day; Frankenstein Friday; Statue of Liberty’s Birthday

VIDEO: Iconic New York City landmark celebrates anniversary.

International Animation Day: ASIFA (the International Animated Film Association) designated Oct. 28 as a day to celebrate the art of animation.  The date was chosen to honor the debut of Emile Reynaud’s “Theater Optique,” a projection of moving images that predated the Lumiere brothers work.


Frankenstein Friday: Although it might get overshadowed by early Halloween celebrations, the last Friday in October is Frankenstein Friday. Mary Shelley was only 21 when she created the monster that would spawn film adaptations and sequels for generations of fans.


Also on This Day:


1886 Statue of Liberty Opens


President Grover Cleveland attended the Statue of Liberty dedication ceremony in 1886.  This year marks the 125 years for the statue.


1982 Nuclear Arms Freeze Proposoal


Demonstrators called for a nuclear weapons freeze to stall the arms race.


2007 First Female President of Argentina


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is elected the first female president of Argentina.


2009 Deadly Car Bomb Attack in Pakistan


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Pakistan in an attempt to improve anti-American sentiment.  Just hours after her arrival, a car-bomb attack killed dozens of people at a crowded market in nearby Peshawar.  Many of the victims were women and children.


Famous Birthdays:

1949 Bruce Jenner

1955 Bill Gates

1956 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

1966 Andy Richter

1967 Julia Roberts

1969 Ben Harper

1972 Terrell Davis

1972 Brad Paisley

1974 Joaquin Phoenix


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