The Extraordinary Scene of Our ‘GMA’ Countdown to Halloween

We’re counting down to our biggest Halloween show ever at “GMA” — but before our big reveal Monday morning, Josh Elliott, Sam Champion, Dan Harris and Cameron Mathison were shipped off to dancing bootcamp somewhere in midtown Manhattan. The foursome pulled off “quite extraordinary scenes in rehearsal” according to our senior executive producer James Goldston, who dropped by for a progress report. Josh noted that the “years of ballet finally paid off.”

But it wasn’t quite as easy for Dan Harris (that’s him between the instructor and Cameron). He said, “My lack of dance ability has always been a sore spot from me — ever since my bar mitzvah days when my boys could all do the worm and I would lamely pop and lock from the sidelines. Hoping today’s lesson will remedy decades of insufficiency.”

So what was the most difficult part of this hardcore rehearsal for each of the guys?

A panting Sam claimed “The hardest part is breathing after doing it four times!”

Josh added “the hardest part is watching Sam trying to breathe!”  Dan noted something else. He said the hardest part is “knowing the rest of my journalism career will never measure up to this.”

But for Cameron, he was more concerned about “living up to the expectation that I know how to dance because I was on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’” Luckily, he has a plan: “Hide behind the 6’4? Josh, and when in doubt, jump up and down, swing my arms, and smile.”

You’re probably curious about what they were up to, but that’s still a secret — for now. All will be revealed live on “GMA” Monday morning in our Party Rock Halloween special. Come to Times Square dressed up and in costume for the big show or tune in for the big reveal on air. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

Want to see more photos from our dancing bootcamp? Check them out here.

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