Nov. 8: Nobel Prize Winner Rontgen Discovers X-Rays


On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen of Germany is credited with being the first person to discover X-rays. He came across the rays in his lab during an experiment and gave them the name “X-rays” because of their unknown nature. His discovery earned him numerous honors including the first Nobel Prize in physics in 1901.

1980 Ronald Reagan Wins Presidency

In a landslide victory, Republican Ronald Reagan defeats President Jimmy Carter.

2002 U.N. Plan for Disarmament of Iraq

A United Nations Security Council resolution created a timeline for Iraq to disclose and destroy any weapons of mass destruction.

Famous Birthdays

1836 Milton Bradley

1847 Bram Stoker

1897 Dorothy Day

1900 Margaret Mitchell

1929 Bobby Bowden

1949 Bonnie Raitt

1950 Mary Hart

1966 Gordon Ramsay

1968 Parker Posey

1975 Tara Reid

1985 Jack Osbourne

1994 Lauren Alaina


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