Nov. 9: Kristallnacht 1938; Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

VIDEO: Kristallnacht Anniversary

1938 Kristallnacht, ‘Night of Broken Glass’

Adolf Hitler’s campaign to purge Germany and Austria of their Jewish populations escalated on the night of Nov. 9, 1938.  Nazis terrorized Jewish neighborhoods, breaking the windows of homes, businesses and synagogues.  Fires were set, and the Nazi storm troopers arrested any Jewish Germans who resisted them, sending some to concentration camps.  The “World News” video clip is from 1988, 50 years after Kristallnacht.


1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall

Twenty-eight years after the Berlin Wall was constructed, Communist leadership in East Germany announced that those living in the east and west could travel between both sides freely.  The East Germans erected the wall in 1961, claiming the barrier would protect its population from fascist elements threatening its socialist state.

On Nov. 9, 1989, people celebrated throughout the night, chipping away at the wall and tearing it down piece by piece.

Peter Jennings delivered a “World News” report from the day the Berlin Wall came down:


Ted Koppel introduced “Nightline” report on Germans’ new freedom to travel from East to West Berlin:



Famous Birthdays

1915 Sargent Shriver

1918 Spiro Agnew

1928 Anne Sexton

1934 Carl Sagan

1936 Mary Travers

1970 Chris Jericho

1973 Nick Lachey

1978 Sisqo


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