Dan and Nancy Hit the ‘GMA’ Dance Floor

By Dan Abrams

Nancy and I were supposed to just be doing a quick dance move at 8:30 a.m.  I could have pulled that off. While I’m not a great dancer, I was ready, willing and able to wing it. A shimmy here, a quick do-si-do there.  No problem. But after a brief dip she decided to really shame me. A cartwheel? I had even told one of the producers that there was no way I could pull that off.

Not only had I never tried one before but I had absolutely no idea how to even begin. But that will hardly come as a surprise to those who watched what ultimately looked like a bizarre, mangled break dancing move on my part.

To use a legal term, I will not be a repeat offender. I may even try to learn to do a cartwheel so I’ll be prepared for next time!

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