Nov. 27: Gerald Ford Confirmed as Vice President

VIDEO: Harvey Milk Killed

Image credit: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

On this day in 1973, a Senate vote confirmed Gerald Ford as vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned to avoid being indicted for allegedly accepting bribes. Ford was the first vice president to be selected under the terms of the 25th Amendment. In August of 1974, after President Nixon resigned too, Ford took the oath of office and became the 38th president of the U.S.

1978: Harvey Milk Killed

Former San Francisco supervisor Dan White shoots Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

1986: Oliver North Shreds Documents

In the Iran-Contra affair, the former national security council member destroys documents.

2009: Tiger Woods Scandal

The star golfer crashes his SUV outside his house. Soon details of his many affairs begin to leak to the public.

Famous Birthdays

1940 Bruce Lee

1942 Jimi Hendrix

1955 Bill Nye

1957 Caroline Kennedy

1960 Tim Pawlenty

1970 Erik Menendez

1976 Jaleel White


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