Dec. 3: Iran Hostage Crisis 1979; Mars Polar Lander 1999

VIDEO: Iran Hostage Crisis

1979 Iran Hostage Crisis

30 days into the hostage crisis, the U.S. tried to get the shah out of Iran.


1989 President George H.W. Bush Meets With Gorbachev

Cold War Malta Summit: American and Soviet leaders discussed arms reductions.


 1993 Conversation With Justice Blackmun

Ted Koppel’s interview with Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun on “Nightline.”


1999: Mars Polar Lander

NASA lost radio contact with the spacecraft sent to collect samples and data from Mars. Famous Birthdays

1930 Jean-Luc Godard

1948 Ozzy Osbourne

1955 Warren Jeffs

1960 Daryl Hannah

1960 Julianne Moore

1963 Terri Schiavo

1968 Brendan Fraser

1972 Bucky Lasek

1979 Sean Parker

1980 Anna Chlumsky

1985 Amanda Seyfried


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