Dec. 29: Wounded Knee Massacre

VIDEO: Soviet Troops in Afghanistan

1890 U.S. Army Massacres Indians at Wounded Knee

Dec. 29, 1890, marked a bloody end to the U.S. military's struggle with the Plains Indians.  U.S. forces massacred 146 Sioux, many of them women and children, at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

Many Native Americans at the Pine Ridge reservation believed that by rejecting the new American culture and practicing the Ghost Dance, the gods would recreate their world and the non-believers would perish.  The Ghost Dance movement's influence made the U.S. government nervous.  The conflict at Wounded Knee began when the U.S. Army sent in a cavalry to surround a group of Ghost Dancers and collect their weapons.  A fight broke out between a soldier and an Indian, and once one shot was fired, the cavalry attacked.

1979 U.S. Sends Warning to U.S.S.R.

President Carter warned of political and economic retaliation if Soviet troops decide to stay in Afghanistan.

1997 Avian Flu Prevention

Millions of chickens and ducks were slaughtered in Hong Kong as a precaution.

Famous Birthdays

1936 Mary Tyler Moore

1938 Jon Voight

1947 Ted Danson

1959 Paula Poundstone

1967 Ashleigh Banfield

1972 Jude Law

1973 Theo Epstein

1974 Mekhi Phifer

1975 Shawn Hatosy

1976 Danny R. McBride

1977 Katherine Moennig

1979 Diego Luna

1979 Ariel Schrag

1983 Alison Brie

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