Dec. 30: Y2K Flashback; Saddam Hussein Hanged 2006

VIDEO: Vatican and Israel Sign Agreement

1993 Vatican and Israel Sign Agreement

The Vatican and Israel established diplomatic relations to ease tension.

1999 Y2K Fears and Precautions

Computer consultant Peter de Jager first warned about the Y2K computer bug in 1993, but had not been taken seriously until years later.  Businesses scrambled to prepare computer systems for the turn of the millennium,  fearing the turn of the new millennium would cause catastrophic computer glitches and data loss.

2006 Saddam Hussein Executed

The former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged.  On Nov. 5, 2006, Hussein was found guilty of crimes against humanity and was sentenced to death.

Famous Birthdays

1865 Rudyard Kipling

1945 Davy Jones

1953 Meredith Vieira

1959 Tracey Ullman

1961 Sean Hannity

1975 Tiger Woods

1978 Tyrese

1980 Eliza Dushku

1982 Kristin Kreuk

1984 LeBron James

1989 Ryan Sheckler

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