Jan. 16: Gulf War Air Raid 1991

VIDEO: Deadly winter weather and blizzard snow in U.S.

1982 Deadly Winter Storm

The "Siberian Express" cold front brought blizzard snows and below zero temperatures to much of America.

1991 Operation Desert Storm

Iraq failed to withdraw troops from Kuwait by the time the United Nations' deadline was reached.  The U.S. and British forces began air strikes against Iraq and occupying forces in Kuwait, launching the air raids from air craft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf.

Famous Birthdays

1901 Frank Zamboni

1948 John Carpenter

1962 Denis O'Hare

1972 Richard T. Jones

1973 Josie Davis

1974 Kate Moss

1979 Aaliyah

1980 Albert Pujols

1986 Mason Gamble

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