Feb. 7: First Untethered Space Walk 1984


1965 United States Bombs North Vietnam

U.S. Secretary of Defense McNamara addressed Vietcong attacks and U.S. retaliation.

1984 First Untethered Walk in Space

Two astronauts from NASA's Challenger space shuttle float in space untethered, with just jetpacks to guide their movement.  Astronaut Bruce McCandless was the first to free fly, followed by Robert Stewart.

1999 Jordan's King Hussein Dies

The "architect of modern Jordan," King Hussein died at age 63.  His son, Prince Abdullah, was sworn in as his successor.

Famous Birthdays

1812 Charles Dickens

1867 Laura Ingalls Wilder

1885 Sinclair Lewis

1960 James Spader

1962 Garth Brooks

1962 Eddie Izzard

1965 Chris Rock

1972 Robyn Lively

1974 Steve Nash

1978 Ashton Kutcher

1985 Tina Majorino

1985 Deborah Ann Woll

1993 David Dorfman

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