Feb. 8: Telecommunications Act of 1996

VIDEO: Telecommunications act

1996 Telecommunications Act

President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 intended to bring communication laws up to date.  The goal of the legislation was to open markets up to more competition, promote innovation and lower prices.  To demonstrate new technology affected by the bill,  Clinton and Vice President Al Gore participated in a three-way computer online link with actress Lily Tomlin.  Clinton  signed the bill with a digital pen, "writing" his signature online.

2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

The Olympic torch arrived in Utah for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics pregame ceremony.  Security was heightened  in light of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Famous Birthdays

1925 Jack Lemmon

1931 James Dean

1932 John Williams

1940 Ted Koppel

1941 Nick Nolte

1953 Mary Steenburgen

1955 John Grisham

1955 Nancy Oliver

1960 Benigno Aquino III

1968 Gary Coleman

1970 Alonzo Mourning

1974 Seth Green

1982 Danny Tamberelli

1990 Bethany Hamilton

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