Feb. 16: U.S. Strikes Anti-Aircraft Sites in Iraq 2001

VIDEO: Pan Am 103 Bombing

1989 Pan Am Flight 103 Investigation

An extensive investigation finds that a bomb hidden in a cassette player brought down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988.

2001 U.S. Air Strikes Against Iraq

U.S. and British planes drop bombs on radar devices in Iraq.  U.S. military said the attack was necessary because Iraq's anti-aircraft sites were becoming more advanced and posed a threat to planes patrolling the no-fly zone.  President George W. Bush was in Mexico at the time of the attack to discuss trade, drugs and immigration, but he addressed the military action in Iraq during a press conference.  Bush described the attacks as a routine method of enforcing the no-fly zone.

2005 NHL Season Cancelled

National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman held a press conference to announce that the 2004-2005 NHL regular season and playoffs were cancelled.  They were unable to reach a labor agreement and time was running out for a shortened season schedule.

Famous Birthdays

1935 Sonny Bono

1957 LeVar Burton

1958 Lisa Loring

1958 Ice-T

1972 Sarah Clarke

1982 Lupe Fiasco

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