Feb. 24: United Airlines Flight 811 Door Failure


1989  United Airlines Flight 811

A cargo door ripped open after United Airlines Flight 811 made a stop in Hawaii.  Nine people were killed by the decompression.  The hole raised concern over metal fatigue on older planes.

1997 Dolly the Sheep

Scientists showed the world the first successfully cloned sheep.  Dolly was cloned from an adult sheep at a lab in Scotland.  Dolly was euthanized in 2003 because of lung disease.

2010 Whale Kills Trainer at SeaWorld

A 12,000-pound killer whale pulled trainer Dawn Brancheau into its tank at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  Brancheau had 16 years of experience working with killer whales.  Tillikum, the whale involved in the drowning, had been living at the park since 1992.

Famous Birthdays

1836 Winslow Homer

1942 Joe Lieberman

1955 Steve Jobs

1956 Paula Zahn

1958 Mark Moses

1964 Todd Field

1965 Kristin Davis

1966 Billy Zane

1968 Mitch Hedberg

1977 Bronson Arroyo

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