Feb. 27: Wounded Knee Standoff 1973


1973 Wounded Knee Standoff Ends

Native Americans surrendered to federal authorities after a 71-day standoff in South Dakota.

1990 Criminal Charges for Exxon

Exxon was indicted on five criminal counts for March 1989 oil spill off the coast of Alaska.

1990 Nelson Mandela Visits Zambia

Zambia's president and PLO leader Yasser Arafat greeted Nelson Mandela as he got off the plane.  Mandela met with African leaders to discuss freedom and reform for South Africa.

2005 BTK Serial Killer Suspect

Police used DNA to link a Kansas Boy Scout leader and active church-goer to the BTK (bind, torture, kill)  slayings.  Dennis Rader was arrested for a 10 murders over the span of 1974-1991.  He sent letters to news outlets taunting them about the killings.  Rader was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Famous Birthdays

1930 Joanne Woodward

1932 Elizabeth Taylor

1939 Ralph Nader

1957 Timothy Spall

1962 Adam Baldwin

1965 Noah Emmerich

1977 James Wan

1980 Chelsea Clinton

1981 Josh Groban

1983 Kate Mara

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