Feb. 28: Ceasefire in Gulf War 1991

VIDEO: Gulf War

1991 Ceasefire in Gulf War

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein announced that troops would withdraw from Kuwait, signalling an end to the Gulf War.

U.S. military warned that complete withdrawal of American troops would be a lengthy process, and announced plans to leave reserve troops in Kuwait to help rebuild.

1993 Raid on Waco, Texas Compound

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents raid Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.  The cult was investigated for illegal firearms and explosives.  Gunfire rang out as the agents approached the compound, leading to a standoff that lasted for weeks.

1993 WTC Bomb Investigation

FBI confirmed that the 1993 World Trade Center garage explosion was caused by a strategically placed bomb.

Famous Birthdays

1929 Frank Gehry

1931 Dean Smith

1940 Mario Andretti

1944 Carole Bishop

1953 Paul Krugman

1955 Gilbert Gottfried

1956 Guy Maddin

1957 John Turturro

1969 Robert Sean Leonard

1970 Daniel Handler

1976 Ali Larter

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