'Nightline' Daily Line, March 9: Tsunami-Ravaged Japan, One Year Later

VIDEO: 1,144 reasons for wholl be the GOP presidential nominee in 2012.

TGIF. We made it. Off to the races one last time before the weekend…

5:53 p.m. ET: Viral Italian?  Marilyn Hagerty,85, of the Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota  reviewed her local Olive Garden, and her piece got more than 200,000 views online. She likes the Chicken Alfredo, but is a little surprised by all the attention.

(Image credit: Courtesy Marilyn Hagerty)

4:28 p.m. ET: Who doesn't love a clever graphical video that makes politics easy to understand? Where's what could happen if Mitt Romney doesn't snag the 1,144 delegates he needs to secure the GOP nomination.

2:03 p.m. ET: @BillWeirABC: 1 yr. after Japan's tsunami, a spike in ghost sightings as a culture that resists psychotherapy tries to cope http://abcn.ws/yWhmXj

1:20 p.m. ET: It's Friday and many of us are stuck in offices all across the country, but hundreds of tech-savvy folks are headed to Austin, Texas this weekend for the annual South by Southwest Interactive festival - "spring break for geeks," as one participant put it.

Credit: Andy Sheppard/Redferns/Getty Images

For those of us who can't make it, but are there in spirit…MySpace has provided a great soundtrack of some of the bands that will be featured throughout the week.   Jam out HERE.

12:59 p.m. ET Bill Weir also produces a segment called "This Could be Big" - this weeks topic: the self-refrigerating can - the technology is great, the drink itself,  not-so-much.  The Nightline staff helps Bill with the taste test.

11:16 a.m. ET: A growing trend of people are filming themselves taking the "cinnamon challenge" and posting their violent choking reactions on YouTube.

What's the cinnamon challenge, you say. Well first of all, DO NOT try this at home (or at school, or anywhere). The challenge dictates that you try to hold a teaspoon of cinnamon in your mouth for 60 seconds without choking, which participants inevitably do almost instantly because cinnamon particles are incredibly fine and don't dissolve.

Let us reiterate, DO NOT TRY THIS! Doctors say it can cause serious health issues.

11:00 a.m. ET: Nightline morning meeting starts, right on the nose.

8:02 a.m. ET: There's a more somber tone today, as we prep for "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir's special report on Japan's great quake, one year anniversary, which airs tonight. Bill talked with locals who are still trying to dig out of the rubble. Even a year later, many are still searching for missing loved ones.

Bill's report from Minamisanriku, Japan, where a 50-foot tsunami wave tore through the town of 18,000 people:

The tragic story of how one school lost 74 students in the tsunami:

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