Mar. 14: Birmingham 6 Freed 1991

VIDEO: Plane Crash in Poland

1980 U.S. Boxers Die in Plane Crash

Most of America's national boxing team died when a plane crashed in Poland.  The 12  athletes were on the flight along with their coaches and managers.  They had departed from New York and were en route to  an international competition.

1991 Birmingham Six Freed

After re-examination of evidence, six Irishmen jailed for IRA bombings were set free.  The men had already spent 16 years in prison after they were convicted of bombing pubs in Birmingham, England.  The men claimed their confessions had been forced by police.

1995 U.S. Astronaut on Russian Space Shuttle

American and Russian space programs joined forces for a mission.

Famous Birthdays

1923 Diane Arbus

1933 Sir Michael Caine

1948 Billy Crystal

1960 Kirby Puckett

1965 Aamir Khan

1965 Kevin Williamson

1966 Elise Neal

1974 Grace Park

1979 Chris Klein

1983 Taylor Hanson

1986 Jamie Bell

1988 Stephen Curry

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