March 20: First Female Iditarod Winner 1985

VIDEO: First Female Iditarod Winner

1985 First Female Iditarod Winner

Libby Riddles became the first woman to win the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska.  The challenging race spans over 1,100 miles of snowy terrain.

The race began in 1967, Alaska's centennial anniversary as a U.S. Territory.  Chairman of the Centennial Committee Dorothy Page thought up the idea of a race to celebrate the anniversary, and gained support from Joe Redington, Sr., who saw an opportunity to preserve the historic Iditarod trail.  The route was cleared for the competition, and the now annual race has been integral in preserving Alaska's sled dog culture.

1995 Gas Attack on Tokyo Subway

Terrorists coordinated a sarin gas attack during Japan's rush-hour commute.  Toxic gas was released at the same time in 16 different subway locations.

2001 Russia Agrees to Space Tourism

Despite concern from NASA, Russians agreed to bring American millionaire Dennis Tito into space.   Tito paid $20 million for the training and trip.  The American space program was angered by Russia's promise to bring Tito to the International Space Station, which is mostly controlled by NASA.

Famous Birthdays

1937 Lois Lowry

1950 William Hurt

1954 Louis Sachar

1957 Spike Lee

1957 Theresa Russell

1958 Holly Hunter

1963 Kathy Ireland

1968 A.J. Jacobs

1970 Michael Rapaport

1979 Bianca Lawson

1984 Christy Romano

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