'Nightline' Daily Line, May 2: Cynthia's 'Revenge' Cameo

10:24 p.m.: This is SO. META.

Photo courtesy Jon Meyersohn


6:21 p.m. ET: While reporting on the all too-common practice of airbrushing in fashion ads and magazine covers, ABC News correspondent  Linsey Davis had her photo undergo the professional airbrush treatment.

Can you spot the FOUR changes Linsey had done to her airbrushed photo? Watch "Nightline" tonight to see if you guessed correctly.

Credit: ABC

3:13 p.m. ET: ABC's Megan Chuchmach tweets these photos from Brian Ross' report on the issues with the F-22 fighter jet:

And this photo of Brian interviewing Sen. John McCain:

Credit: ABC/Megan Chuchmach

1:50 p.m. ET: NASA: "Black Hole Caught Red-Handed in a Stellar Homicide"

12:34 p.m. ET: Cynthia McFadden on set promoting her upcoming cameo appearance on tonight's episode of "Revenge."

11: 52 a.m. ET: Really, really awesome video: Holi, the festival of color, shot in slow-motion HD. Directed and produced by Jonathan Bregel and Khalid Mohtaseb from  Variable.

10: 15 a.m. ET: There's been reports of severe weather across the country in the past 24 hours, with 15 reported tornadoes in the Midwest and South. Damaging storms are expected from South Dakota to Delaware again today.

9:34 a.m. ET: SPOILER ALERT: "Nightline" anchor Cynthia McFadden takes on a challenging role for tonight's episode of "Revenge" - she plays herself. Cynthia will make a cameo appearance that will a significant turning point in the show's plot. View Cynthia's behind-the-scenes slideshow HERE.

Credit: ABC News

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