May 14: Skylab Space Station Launch 1973

VIDEO: Skylab Launch

1973 Skylab Space Station Launches

America's first space station, Skylab, was built to be a base for manned flights.  Astronauts utilized Skylab for extended stays and experiments. In 1979, the station lost orbit and burned up in the atmosphere; parts of the space station fell in the Indian Ocean and in Australia.

1985 Philly Residents Homeless After MOVE Siege

Fire from a police raid on the MOVE compound destroyed 60 homes in Philadelphia.  MOVE formed in the 1970s as a community action group.

1986 Gorbachev Speaks About Chernobyl

Soviet leader made his first comments on Chernobyl 18 days after the nuclear accident.  Gorbachev said the accident has "disturbed world opinion" and deeply affected the Soviet people.

Famous Birthdays

1936 Bobby Darin

1944 George Lucas

1961 Tim Roth

1969 Cate Blanchett

1971 Sofia Coppola

1983 Amber Tamblyn

1984 Mark Zuckerberg

1993 Miranda Cosgrove

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