'Nightline' Daily Line, May 30: Ann Romney Supports '90 Percent of Where Mitt Is'

Bhangra Dance Off the Pounds

6:58 p.m. ET: Photo of the Day: Joanne Gregory, Torchbearer 024, travels by barge across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct with the Olympic Flame during the leg between Wrexham and Trevor in North Wales on day 12 of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay on May 30, 2012 in Wales. The Olympic Flame is now on day 12 of a 70-day relay involving 8,000 torchbearers covering 8,000 miles.

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5:26 p.m. ET: John Berman: Bhangra dancer. Food trend tester. Newsie. Politically foul catcher. Thanks for the memories!

Credit: Meredith Frost/ABC

(we got cupcakes for his send-off)

3:18 p.m. ET: "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir tweeted this:

and then…

womp womp.

2:26 p.m. ET: "I'm not the one running for president, this guy is.  And I completely support 90 percent of where Mitt is." - Ann Romney in an interview with FOX News to air on Thursday.

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2:07 p.m. ET: An inspiring story…

ABC's Christina Ng reports: Eagle Scout  Zach Wahls, 20, challenged the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy today when he delivered three boxes of petitions demanding change, signed by more than 275,000 people.

Credit: Change.org

Read the full story HERE.

12:15 p.m. ET: ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports: Far be it for news organizations to cast stones at typos, but a glaring error from the Romney campaign has led to some online ribbing.

A new photo-sharing iPhone app unveiled by the campaign misspells the most important word for any American presidential campaign: America.

The homepage on the app invites users to envision "A Better Amercia." The campaign has already commissioned a correction.

Credit: amerciaiswithmitt.tumblr.com.

10:39 a.m. ET: A massive wildfire in southwestern New Mexico's Gila National Forest is now the largest fire in state history, the Associated Press reports this morning. It is also the largest wildfire currently burning in the United States. More than 170,000 acres have burned and threaten the nation's premier nuclear facility.

And another wildfire is raging in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where more than 30 acres have burned. High winds are helping to spread the flames and Department of Natural Resources officials told the Associated Press that 97 structures have been destroyed, including 34 homes or cabins.

Michigan wildfire. Credit: AP Photo

9:35 a.m. ET: After 17 years, we say goodbye to our beloved correspondent John Berman, who heads to CNN to take on an anchor gig. We'll miss you, John. Our tribute to you - bhangra dancing:

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