‘Nightline’ Daily Line, Aug. 13: Taylor Swift Exclusive

By ABC News

Aug 13, 2012 1:47pm

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8:30 p.m. ET: Taylor Swift, a six-time Grammy winner, announced the release of her new album, “Red,” and the album’s first single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” today during a live Webcast in Nashville.

Her new song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which is about ending a bad relationship, is out today on iTunes and GooglePlay. While at a shoot for Glamour magazine, the 22-year-old singer told “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden exclusively that the song was about something that actually happened to her. Read the full story HERE



5:35 p.m. ET: Aside from some very loud and persistent hecklers(some of whom came disguised as Romney supporters, complete with shirts and signs), Paul Ryan had a warm, enthusiastic reception at the Iowa State Fair, reports ABC’s Jon Karl.

Watch a video of the heckling HERE:


3:11 p.m. ET: Helen Gurley Brown, the longtime editor of Cosmopolitan magazine who invited millions of women to join the sexual revolution, has died at age 90. Many considered her the original Carrie Bradshaw.

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Credit: Getty Images

Read her full obit HERE

1:35 p.m. ET:  As Paul Ryan takes center stage as Romney’s vice presidential nominee, the spotlight is also turning to his wife, Janna Ryan, who strikes an appealing image as a stay-at-home mom raising three young children in Wisconsin, reports Reuters.

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Courtesy of AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

But the 43-year-old has been a Washington operative herself, hailing from a well-connected family and forging an early professional career as a congressional aide and healthcare lobbyist.

Read more on Mrs. Ryan and her Democratic roots HERE

10:52 a.m. ET: “Sparkle” star Jordin Sparks told “Nightline” she “lost it” when she heard Whitney Houston, her co-star in the film and her idol, was dead.

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Jordin Sparks, left, with ABC's Deborah Roberts for "Nightline."Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

“There’s just no reaction,” Sparks said. “I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t say anything. I was in complete shock, and somebody had to sit me down before I fell over. And I just lost it. I lost it completely.”

Sparks and Houston’s longtime friend Debra Martin Chase, who produced “Sparkle,” remembered Houston fondly. Read the full story HERE and tune into “Nightline” TONIGHT to watch the full interviews.

9:47 a.m. ET: In case you missed it… the reunited Spice Girls that made the biggest splash at Sunday night’s Olympics closing ceremonies, which was viewed an estimated 300 million around the world and 80,000 fans at Olympic Stadium.

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Credit: Kristy Wigglesworth/AP Photo

But before the “Nightline” Olympics crew said goodbye to jolly ‘ol England, ABC News Olympics contributor Julie Foudy went in search of the perfect place to grab a pint. Watch what happened HERE:

9: 15 a.m. ET: ABC News Political Director Amy Walter takes a closer look at Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate: “In picking Rep. Paul Ryan, whose eponymous budget plan has become synonymous with political polarization, Mitt Romney assured an ideological campaign where a debate over the role of government will be front and center. It is a debate the Obama campaign and partisans on both sides are also eager to have. But it’s not a debate that swing voters want. They aren’t as interested in choosing whether government should be more active or less. They are more interested in simply having it work.” More from Walter’s analysis: http://abcn.ws/NkxRk4

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Credit: AP Photo

And for the latest on the candidates hitting the campaign trail and the upcoming conventions, read today’s edition of The Note, “Game On: Let the Ideological Battle Begin.”

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