Instant Index: President Obama Is Not Impressed; Einstein's Brain

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President Obama and McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney and her fellow Team USA gold medalists visited the White House, where she and the President recreated the young star's famous pose. Maroney became an Internet celebrity during the Olympics for her much-imitated scowl after a second-place finish.

MPI/Getty Images

Study Suggests Differences in Einstein's Brain Could Account for Amazing Intellect

A new study suggests Albert Einstein's extraordinary intellect many have actually been a result of an extraordinary brain. The study compared the scientist's brain with 85 "normal" human brains, Science Daily reports, and found that parts of Einstein's brain were actually different, in overall size and shape, from those normal brains. Those differences may have been partly responsible for Einstein's exceptional "visuospatial and mathematical abilities."

MPI/Getty Images

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